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Do you have a medical product(s) that you would like us to introduce to the UK and European markets and beyond?
Simply, external sales/marketing help when you most need it and don’t want the massive cost of hiring people
with all the associated problems.
Market Research
We research the market(s) to see where your product is best placed and what active competition is out there.
Simple system Setup
We set up a simple system so that we are both compatible and everyone knows what is happening on a day to day basis.
Focus on Products
We like to keep everything simple and that’s important. A clear focus on your product(s) at all times!

Identity and ethos

We project into the market as YOUR company. Essentially we are, for all purposes, YOUR company. We adopt your identity and ethos. All payments for orders to your Company bank account.

Correct stock level

We provide a regular report which outlines what business has been generated in any one month and forecasts based on our ongoing activity. This ensures that the correct stock level is maintained.


You might be manufacturing your product so, with increased turnover, you would be wise to focus on that side of things as sudden growth comes with a myriad of complexities.

Extensive network

We have an extensive network of excellent distributors who supply to the medical market across Europe and many countries worldwide. We also direct-sell and pass the business to selected distributors. A new and powerful resource for you!


We take care of the generation of new business, expanding business and all the routine work that is associated with this. We arrange all the necessary warehousing, shipments etc for you at the best prices. We also represent you with our established distributor connections. Finding good and matched distributors is a very time consuming business!

Product(s) USP’s

We assess the USP’s of your product(s) before accepting any assignment. It could be that the product(s) you have in mind have been on the proverbial ‘back burner’ for a while or it could be a new product that you would like us to launch for you. Whichever, we will give you our undivided attention to make it work for you!

Contact us for more information on +44 (0) 1995 238306 (24hrs) / +44 (0) 739 6080 828 or email us at torchmedicalservices@mail.com


What happens next

  • Stage 1

    We send you a detailed questionnaire with all the relevant points that need to be addressed.
  • Stage 2

    We get back to you with our initial findings and recommendations. This will be comprehensive and will be informative. We will then outline our monthly *charge which will pleasantly surprise you.*To reduce the monthly charge we are happy to also come to an agreement with you on a turnover commission as well. It’s a win-win!
  • Stage 3

    Once the above has been agreed, contract signed and your modus operandi understood, we will immediately start work with you.
  • Experience

    We have massive experience in bringing medical products to market and to achieving great success with our collective experience. It’s not just sales & marketing we are offering it’s the whole service viz- Sales & Marketing, Dedicated Web Design, SEM, SEO, Graphic Design, Videos, Blogs, Info-Commercials, PR, Exhibition Coverage etc. If you don’t need all these services then please let us know as the cost will be lower.

If we accept a new project then we will make it a success for you!